I was told I should do this

I was told that I should probably introduce myself to make myself more relatable or whatever. Once again my name is Lucas, I am 26 years old. I live in the United States and with my daughter Lily and my wife Samantha. I work as a Systems Administrator for a small company which means I do all of the IT work and manage their systems and coordinate any changes and improvements. Which since I took over the position in January 2017 basically means I’m overhauling everything because the last guy had no idea what system redundancy and automated backups meant.

I have what I refer to as a “General Interest” which basically means that I want to learn everything I can about tech and most other things. I’m trying to pick up hobbytronics and dig deeper into website development. On top of that I have done several other crafty things in the past such as woodworking and metalworking which I would like to pick back up. I also game on occasion, lately I’ve been playing only Starcraft II and CS GO.

Also I apologize for my grasp of the English language as my wife points out. I’m not a writer by trade, I do IT, she is the one that has the degree in English not me. lmfao