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Posting delay

So I’ve been trying to do something interesting with a sensor on the raspberry pi. And by interesting I mean really simple but things keep setting me back. for instance I was finally able to wire up the project as the LCD screen when I finally gave up on finding my old soldering Iron and just purchased a new one. now it is wired up but the program isn’t exactly working correctly so I’m troubleshooting what is going on. Also it was fathers day weekend so I spent it with my wife and daughter while camping, so no posting while camping.

In case anybody wants to see what I’ve been working on Here is the wiring diagram of the project.

Basically what I’m trying to do is get the Ultrasonic sensor to measure distance and display it on the LCD.

It’s working, Except the LCD won’t turn on… So I may need to figure out the wiring or programming issue.


Also if you’re interested in the Rails tutorials they will be coming but I’m having so much fun with the hobbytronics. Sorry….